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 Cell Signaling TechnologyXP® Monoclonal Antibodies
one antibody, multiple applications
XP Monoclonal Antibodies

The XP® Benefit

XP® monoclonal antibodies are a line of high quality rabbit monoclonal antibodies exclusively available from Cell Signaling Technology. Any product labeled with XP® has been carefully selected based on superior performance in the most relevant applications.

XP® monoclonal antibodies are generated using XMT® technology, a proprietary monoclonal method developed at Cell Signaling Technology. The technology provides access to a broad range of antibody-producing B cells unattainable with traditional monoclonal technologies, allowing more comprehensive screening and the identification of XP® monoclonal antibodies with:
eXceptional Specificity
As with all of CST's antibodies, the antibody is specific to your target of interest, saving you valuable time and resources.
eXceptional Sensitivity
The antibody will provide a stronger signal for your target protein in cells and tissues, allowing you to monitor expression of low levels of endogenous proteins, saving you valuable materials.
eXceptional Stability and Reproducibility
XMT technology combined with our stringent quality control ensures maximum lot-to-lot consistency and the most reproducible results.
eXceptional Performance
XMT technology coupled with our extensive antibody validation and stringent quality control delivers XP® monoclonal antibodies with eXceptional Performance in the widest range of applications.

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