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New England Biolabs Web Tools

Newest Tools
NEB Golden Gate Assembly Tool

NEB Golden Gate Assembly Tool - use to assist with in silico DNA construct design for Golden Gate DNA assembly. This tool enables the accurate design of primers with appropriate type IIS restriction sites and overlaps, quick import of sequences in many formats and export of the final assembly, primers and settings.

NEBClonerNEBcloner - find the right products and protocols for each step (digestion, end modification, ligation and transformation) of your next traditional cloning experiment.
NEBioCalculatorNEBioCalculator- for scientific calculations and conversions
Restriction Enzymes Tools

Double Digest Finder - buffer and reaction conditions for digests requiring two restriction enzymes.

Double Digest FinderDouble Digest Finder - for enzymes supplied with the NEBuffer system: NEBuffers 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 and CutSmart Buffer

More Information on NEBuffer System Improvements

Enzyme Finder
Enzyme Finder - search for a restriction enzyme by category, recognition sequence, or name to find information on any NEB enzyme.

NEBCutter - generate restriction maps of your own sequence, view gels, ORF summary and more . . .

REBASE - the Restriction Enzyme Database.

Mobile Apps

Quick and easy access to the most requested restriction enzyme information allows you to plan your experiments from anywhere. Sort your results from Enzyme Finder so they make sense to you, then email them to your inbox or connect directly to Determine buffer and reaction conditions for experiments requiring two restriction enzymes using the Double Digest Finder.

PCR Tools

PCR Selector
PCR Selection Tool - use this tool to help you choose the best polymerase for your PCR application.

Tm Calculator
Tm Calculator - estimate the optimal annealing temperature for PCR reactions

Other Tools
DNE Seqs and Maps
DNA Sequences and Maps Tool - sequence files used to produce the plasmid vector, viral and bacteriophage maps in the NEB Catalogue and the tables containing the locations of sites.
InBase - a curated database devoted to inteins.
NEBase Changer
NEBase Changer - provides custom primer sequences and annealing temperatures to be used with the Q5® Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit (E0554).
NEBuilder - design primers for Gibson Assembly reactions, based on the entered fragment sequences and the polymerase being used for amplification.
PolBase - a repository of biochemical, genetic, and structural information about DNA Polymerases.

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