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Ambient Temperature Shipping of Molecular Biology Reagents
We are pleased to announce that from 3rd March 2014 we will be delivering a range of our molecular biology products at room temperature. Products that will be shipped in this way include thermostable polymerases, DNA Ladders and Protein Ladders. The activity of these products is guaranteed for both cold and ambient temperature shipment.
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Reduced Packaging - 70% less polystyrene in new smaller shipping box
In January 2011 we introduced ambient temperature shipping of CST antibodies. In 2013 we introduced a third shipping box size, which is constructed from 70% less polystyrene than our old standard-sized box. We now deliver over 50% of orders in the small box and 30% of orders in envelopes. Use of envelopes for ambient shipments has reduced our polystyrene use by 120m3 annually and switching to smaller boxes will reduce our usage by a further 200m3 annually. Our annual use of ice packs has also fallen by 14 tonnes. The small boxes, along with our other polystyrene shipping boxes can be recycled by participating in NEB's global box recycling programme - see below for more details.
2016 Price Lists
The New England Biolabs (NEB) Catalogue is published once every two years, a strategy which contributes to our efforts to minimise our environmental impact. The 2013-14 Catalogue and Technical Reference was mailed in 2013 and remains the current catalogue however the 2015- 2016 Catalogue will be available in April 2015. Current UK prices can be found on this web site.
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CutSmart Bufferthe Woodland Trust20th Anniversary
Announcing CutSmart Buffer: simplifying the use of NEB Restriction Enzymes.
NEB is continuously looking for ways to enhance convenience and performance for our customers. Our CutSmart Buffer incorporates BSA to enable even more enzymes to cut in a single buffer (>200 enzymes). This allows for enhanced ease of use especially when doing double digests. In addition, it eliminates the extra tube of BSA and means one less thing to think about when setting up restriction enzyme digests. CutSmart Buffer also works well with many of NEB's downstream cloning enzymes.
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The NEB Shipping Box Recycling Programme
Find out how you can recycle your polystyrene shipping boxes AND support the Woodland Trust, a UK charity dedicated to improving our environment by planting native trees and conserving ancient woodland.
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NEB Celebrates 20 Years Serving the Life Science Community in the UK
This year (2013) we are celebrating 20 years of supplying UK scientists with the best reagents available.

Thank you for choosing NEB for your research needs: we look forward to being your supplier of choice for the next twenty years, and beyond.
ISO CertificationPhusion
NEB Awarded ISO 13485 Certification
To continue to meet and exceed expectations of customers who manufacture and sell molecular diagnostics, which may be regulated as medical devices, New England Biolabs has voluntarily adopted and been granted ISO 13485:2003 certification for its design, development and distribution of standard and custom molecular biology and related reagents.
"Our decision to become ISO 13485 certified was fueled by our long established history and passion for providing our customers with the very best products and services in the Life Sciences industry," states Lance Goodreau, Director of Quality Management Systems at NEB.
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We don't charge for shipping, ice or dry ice!
From January 2012 all orders placed with NEB UK are free of delivery, ice and dry ice charges*.
In January 2011 we reduced delivery charges with the introduction of ambient temperature shipping for CST antibodies. In January 2012 we abolished delivery charges altogether. We hope that this move will simplify ordering and invoicing procedures for all of our customers.
*Excludes Republic of Ireland, N. Ireland and exports

Phusion® Products from NEB
New England Biolabs is currently supplying and will continue to supply Phusion® High Fidelity DNA Polymerase, both as a stand-alone enzyme and accompanying buffer, and in a number of master mix formulations. NEB will also include Phusion® High Fidelity DNA Polymerase in various kits, including the NEBNext® range of products.


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