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Special Notice
2014 New Student Starter Pack
Our New Student Starter Pack has been incredibly popular this year. We fulfilled twice as many requests this October compared with last year. Unfortunately this means that we have now run out of packs a whole month earlier than usual! Thank you to everyone who requested a pack.
We are sorry if you did not manage to get a pack. We do have some of the contents available on a regular basis however: please use our Literature Request Form where you can order some of these items including the Year Planner, Signaling Posters and CST Protocols Guide.

20% off RNA Synthesis Reagents
NEB UK is offering 20% discount on a selection of RNA synthesis reagents including HiScibe in vitro
Transcription Kits and reagents for capping and tailing during October, November and December 2014.
See below for a list of qualifying products.
Qualifying Products
T7 RNA Polymerase
SP6 RNA Polymerase
Pyrophosphatase, Inorganic (yeast)
Pyrophosphatase, Inorganic (E. coli)
Ribonucleotide Solution Set
Ribonucleotide Solution Mix
RNase Inhibitor, Murine
RNase Inhibitor, Human Placenta
HiScribe T7 High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit
HiScribe T7 Quick High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit
Vaccinia Capping System
mRNA Cap 2´-O-Methyltransferase
m7G(5´)ppp(5´)G RNA Cap Structure Analog
3´-O-Me-m7G(5´)ppp(5´)G Cap Structure Analog (ARCA)
m7G(5´)ppp(5´)A Cap Structure Analog
G(5´)ppp(5´)A Cap Structure Analog
G(5´)ppp(5´)G Cap Structure Analog
E. coli Poly(A) Polymerase
Adenosine-5´ Triphosphate (ATP)
DNase I (RNase-free)
RNase Contamination Assay Kit
RNA Loading Dye (2X)
ssRNA Ladder

Low Range ssRNA Ladder

The prices displayed on the NEB UK website during the offer period are the discounted prices.
All available standard pack sizes for qualifying products are discounted.
No other discounts apply. Offer begins on 01/10/2014 and ends 31/12/14.

iPad Raffle
Sign up for postal mailings or subscribe to one of our monthly email newsletters to be entered into our raffle to win an iPad®.
The Summer 2014 Raffle runs from 1st July 2014 - 30th September 2014 and the winner will be contacted before 14th October. The Autumn 2014 Raffle runs from 1st September 2014 - 12th December 2014.
If you are already subscribed to our mailing list you can still enter the raffle by updating your profile to tell us more about your research interests, requesting a piece of literature or registering your change of address.
Each name will be entered once per raffle. A draw is made once every three months (the prize may vary for each draw). The winner of each raffle will be contacted within 14 days of the closing date. This competition is open to customers of NEB (UK) Ltd in the UK and Republic of Ireland only.
Previous Raffle Winners
Dr Susana Ros from University of Cambridge was the winner of our Spring 2014 Raffle. We hope you enjoy your iPad Susana.
Susana Ros

The winner of the Winter 2014 Raffle is Claire Rutherford from University of Glasgow, ICAMS. Enjoy your iPad Claire!
Claire Rutherford
The winner of our Autumn 2013 Raffle is Lisa Clausen at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine in Oxford. Happy Christmas Lisa!
Our Summer 2013 Raffle was won by Andrew Castle from The Roslin Institute who picked up his iPad from the NEB stand at the Roslin Institute Suppliers Day. Congratulations Andrew!
Andrew Castle
Our Spring 2013 Raffle was won by a researcher at the University of Southampton.
Congratulations to Dr Laura Clark from The Department of Biochemistry at The University of Oxford, winner of our Winter 2013 iPad Raffle.
Laura Clark
The winner of our Autumn 2012 Raffle is Alan Merritt from the Malignant Hyperthermia Unit, St James Hospital, Leeds. Congratulations to Alan!
Monika Chojnowska from The Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester was the winner of an iPad in our Summer 2012 draw. Congratulations Monika!
Well done Linda Kay from the Department of Infection and Immunity, University of Sheffield -
winner of an iPad in our Spring 2012 draw.
Linda Kay
Congratulations to the three winners who each won a Kindle™ in our 30th March 2012 Draw:
Vinit Pereira, School of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Bath
Claudia Hass, Centre for Biomolecular Sciences, University of St Andrews
Claudia Hass
Zakaria Eltahir, Department of Histopathology, Royal Marsden Hospital
Zakaria Eltahir
Congratulations to the winner of a Kindle™ in our 6th January 2012 draw: Laura McGavin of the
University of the West of Scotland!

The winner of an iPad® in our 30th September draw was Edith Gomez from The University of
Leicester. Congratulations Edith!
Edith Gomez
The winner of an iPad® in our 30th June draw was Arunima Maiti from Imperial College.
Congratulations Arunima!
Arunima Maiti, iPad Winner

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