Freezer Programme

An On-Site Freezer Programme ensures immediate access to the products you need when you need them.

  • Eliminate the need for constant ordering.
  • NEB products to hand all of the time.
  • Never run out of NEB products.

Key Features:

  • We place a customised inventory in your lab or institute free of charge.
  • You only pay for what you use.
  • No risk - all stock fully insured by NEB.
  • 'No strings' attached promise – cancel at any time.
  • Preferential discounts and free shipping.
  • We provide a freezer to accommodate your customised inventory.
  • We provide dedicated office-based Freezer Programme management.
  • We provide online ordering using customised restocking forms.
  • We provide full insurance of all the stock.

Is a New England Biolabs Freezer Programme right for you?

  • Do you order regularly from NEB?
  • Do others in your area / department / institute order other items from NEB?
  • Would you like to simplify your enzyme supply?

We will give you a new freezer to accommodate your specific stocking levels, the freezer will be fully stocked Free of Charge and we will insure all of the stock.

How an NEB Freezer Programme works

Your initial inventory is decided using our sales data and your input. We can then create the best and most applicable stock levels for your working patterns.

The stock in your Freezer Programme is fully flexible – items can be changed to meet your changing requirements.

Freezer Coordinator

An appropriate person on your site is required to act as the Freezer Coordinator. This person is our main point of contact, someone who will take responsibility for issuing stock, for ordering replacement stock and liaising with NEB to do stock rotations. As a freezer co-ordinator you would have privileged access to our dedicated freezer programme web pages. These pages allow you to restock your freezer online, increase or decrease stock levels, carry out stock checks and freezer stock rotations.

Stock control and ordering replacement stock.

We can provide online ordering via a customised web page. Alternatively we can provide re-order / sign-out forms showing your full inventory and account information. When one tube is removed it is simply ticked off and this form can be used to fax through your order when your stock levels need replenishing or you may simply wish to use it to keep a record.

We assign you a Freezer Programme Account Number which, when quoted, ensures that you receive the appropriate discount and free shipping. The discount applied to your Freezer Programme Account also applies to all other NEB orders placed within your department.

Stock Rotation

The stock in NEB Freezer Programmes is rotated twice a year to ensure fresh stock at all times.

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