Monarch Wildflowers


Have you sown your Monarch wildflower seeds?

If you ordered a Monarch Nucleic Acid Purification Kit from us in the first four months of this year you should have received a free pack of butterfly-friendly wildflower seeds. 

The bees are having a good feed.


Thanks to one of our customers in Newcastle for this photo of the great display of wildflowers under a tree in her garden! Common Mallow, White Mustard,  Lacy Phacelia and poppies are in evidence.

Bees seem to love the Lacy Phacelia.  DB-Bee-(1).jpg
One of our customer's gardens in London had a lovely display of flowers. MElphik.jpg

We’d love to see your efforts too so please do share your photos with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube using #monarchwildflowers or email your photos to

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The wild flower mix contains the following seeds:

Dill -Anethum graveolens
Common Mallow - Malva sylvestris
Borage – Borago officinalis
English Lavender – Lavandula angustifolia vera
Red Clover - Trifolium pretense
Bird’s Foot Trefoil - Lotus corniculatus
Honey Clover - Melilotus alba
Common Vetch - Vicia sativa
White Mustard - Sinapis alba
Common Corn-Cockle - Agrostemma githago
Golden Tickseed - Coreopsis tinctorial
China Aster - Callistephus chinensis
Cornflower - Centaurea cyanus
Corn Marigold - Chrysanthemum segetum
Chinese Forget-Me-Not - Cynoglossum amabile
Forking Larkspur - Delphinium consolida
Purple Viper’s Bugloss - Echium plantagineum
California Poppy - Eschscholtzia californica
Common Candytuft - Iberis umbellate
Red Flax - Linum rubrum
Common Flax - Linum usitatissimum
Common Poppy - Papaver rhoeas
Canary Grass - Phalaris canariensis
Drummond’s Phlox - Phlox drummondii
Common Mignonette - Reseda odorata
Indian Cress - Tropaeolum majus
Moss Verbena - Verbena tenuisecta
Common Zinnia - Zinnia elegans
Common Buckwheat - Fagopyrum esculentum
Lacy Phacelia - Phacelia tanacetifolia

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