The NEB Shipping Box Recycling Programme

Environmental stewardship is one of the founding principles of NEB. In 1976 NEB Inc. established the first shipping box recycling programme in the US and it remains in practice today on a global scale. In the UK we receive back 18%* of our polystyrene shipping boxes from our customers. Of these, 96% are reused and 4% are recycled to make new materials for the building industry. This is great but we would like to do better.

Please help us to increase the number of boxes we reuse and recycle, and reduce the amount of polystyrene entering landfill.

Shipping Box
Reuse - use the FREEPOST return label on your shipping box to return it to us so that we can reuse it.
Recycle - we recycle any returned boxes that cannot be reused.
Reduce - choose NEB for all your molecular biology enzymes and reduce the number of shipping boxes you receive.

Make your NEB box a happy box and return it home to extend its life!

Simply use the Royal Mail FREEPOST label supplied with your box to send it back to us and we will reuse it as many times as possible before recycling it.
For every box that we receive back from you we will donate 15p to the Woodland Trust.
NEB (UK) Ltd is a Corporate Member of the Woodland Trust.
the Woodland Trust is a UK charity dedicated to improving our environment by planting native trees and conserving ancient woodland.

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* Based on data from 2011-2016.