dam-/dcm- Competent E. coli


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C2925H 20 X 0.05 ML £224.00
C2925I 6 X 0.2 ML £175.00

Methyltransferase deficient E. coli cells suitable for growth of plasmids free of Dam and Dcm methylation

  • No dry ice surcharge on competent cell shipments

  • Outgrowth medium included

  • Free of animal products

Methyltransferase deficient chemically competent E. coli cells suitable for growth of plasmids free of Dam and Dcm methylation. Note that dam- strains are not recommended as a host for primary cloning/ligation. The dam mutation can result in an increased mutation rate in the cell and a reduction in the transformation efficiency. DNA should be maintained in a dam strain unless there is a specific need for DNA free of Dam or Dcm methylation.


  • Grow plasmids free of Dam and Dcm methylation

  • Free of animal products

  • Phage T1 resistant (fhuA31)

  • Transformation efficiency: 1-3 x 106 cfu/μg pUC19 DNA

  • Activity of nonspecific endonuclease I (endA1) eliminated for highest quality plasmid preparations

  • K12 Strain


ara-14 leuB6 fhuA31 lacY1 tsx78 glnV44 galK2 galT22 mcrA dcm-6 hisG4 rfbD1 R(zgb210::Tn10)

TetS endA1 rspL136 (StrR) dam13::Tn9 (CamR) xylA-5 mtl-1 thi-1 mcrB1 hsdR2

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  • C2925I






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