LAMP Fluorescent Dye


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B1700S 0.25 ML 50 X £42.00

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  • Enables real-time fluorescence measurement of a LAMP reaction

  • Component of the WarmStart® LAMP Kit (DNA & RNA) (NEB #E1700)

  • Sufficient for at least 500 reactions

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    about LAMP and other isothermal amplification methods

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The LAMP Fluorescent Dye is an intercalating dye that can be used to track a LAMP reaction in real-time by fluorescence measurement. It is provided at 50X concentration and includes an amount sufficient for at least 500 LAMP reactions (0.5 µl per 25 µl LAMP reaction is recommended when monitoring reactions on most real time qPCR instruments). In other instruments, further dilution of the dye may be necessary (to a final concentration of 0.1-0.5X).

The SYBR®/FAM channel of common real-time fluorimeters can be used to read the dye.

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  • B1700S






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