WarmStart® Colorimetric LAMP 2X Master Mix with UDG


cloned at NEB recombinant 65 hotstart
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M1804L 500 REACTIONS 2 X £1019.00
M1804S 100 REACTIONS 2 X £255.00

Simple, one-step solution for Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) of DNA or RNA (RT-LAMP) targets

  • Fast, clear, pink-to-yellow visible detection of amplification

  • Reduce risk of carryover contamination with thermolabile UDG and dUTP included in the master mix

  • WarmStart® feature inhibits enzyme activity at room temperature allowing for flexible reaction setup

  • Learn more

    about LAMP and other isothermal amplification methods

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    colorimetric LAMP is being used in COVID-19 research

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    about how RT-LAMP is being used for rapid COVID-19 screening

Negative reactions are indicated in pink and positive reactions are indicated by a change to yellow.

WarmStart Colorimetric LAMP 2X Master Mix with UDG is an optimized formulation of Bst 2.0 WarmStart DNA Polymerase and WarmStart RTx in a special low-buffer reaction solution containing a visible pH indicator for rapid and easy detection of LAMP and RT-LAMP reactions. The inclusion of dUTP and UDG in the master mix reduces the possibility of carryover contamination between reactions.

This system is designed to provide a fast, clear visual detection of amplification based on the production of protons and subsequent drop in pH that occurs from the extensive DNA polymerase activity in a LAMP reaction, producing a change in solution color from pink to yellow (an overview of LAMP and primer design can be found in the Featured Videos section). This mix can be used for any LAMP or RT-LAMP reaction and requires only a heated chamber and samples, with readout of positive amplification judged by eye in 15-40 minutes.

Simple Visualization of Amplification Success

Negative reactions are indicated in pink and positive reactions are indicated by a change to yellow.

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  • M1804L






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Product is now supplied in Sarstedt vials (February 28, 2022).

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