Catalog # Size Concentration Price (£)
R0140L 50000 UNITS 20,000 units/ml £232.00
R0140M 50000 UNITS 100,000 units/ml £232.00
R0140S 10000 UNITS 20,000 units/ml £57.00
R0140T 10000 UNITS 100,000 units/ml £57.00

PstI has a High Fidelity version PstI-HF® (NEB #R3140).

High Fidelity (HF) Restriction Enzymes have 100% activity in rCutSmart Buffer; single-buffer simplicity means more straightforward and streamlined sample processing. HF enzymes also exhibit dramatically reduced star activity. HF enzymes are all Time-Saver qualified and can therefore cut substrate DNA in 5-15 minutes with the flexibility to digest overnight without degradation to DNA. Engineered with performance in mind, HF restriction enzymes are fully active under a broader range of conditions, minimizing off-target products, while offering flexibility in experimental design.

Product Source

A E. coli strain that carries the PstI gene from Providencia stuartii 164 (ATCC 49762).

Reagents Supplied

The following reagents are supplied with this product:


Component Name

Component #

Stored at (°C)



  • R0140S






  • R0140T






  • R0140L






  • R0140M






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