Save on Fast Cloning Reagents

30% Off a Selection of Fast Cloning Reagents


Fast Clone

Accelerate your cloning experiments

While cloning has typically been a time-consuming process in the past, advances in both technologies and reagents have enabled the process to take much less time. This autumn, we are offering 30% off a selection of NEB’s Fast Cloning reagents to help accelerate your cloning workflows.

Save on the cost of your cloning experiments during October and November.
Save time on your cloning experiments permanently! 

Qualifying Products

The special offer price is displayed on the following product pages

Quick Ligation™ Kit
Instant Sticky-end Ligase Master Mix
Quick CIP
Quick Blunting™ Kit
NEB Turbo Competent E. coli




TERMS & CONDITIONS: Offer valid in the UK and Ireland only from 1/10/21 - 30/11/21. No cash or cash equivalent. No substitution. Offer valid on new orders for #M2200S, #M2200L, #M0370S, #M0370L, #M0525S, #M0525L, #E1201S, #E1201L, #C2984I and #C2984H only. Offer may not be applied to existing, pending or prior orders. Cannot be combined with any other promotions. No other discounts apply. Void if copied or transferred and where prohibited by law. Visit for qualifying products and UK prices. For pricing information in Ireland please contact Brennan & Co, tel: 01 2952501, email: