Social Responsibility and Sustainability


At New England Biolabs, we are motivated by a set of core, foundational values that are as true today as they were when the company was founded in 1974: the belief that science should be used to expand our understanding of the world around us; the belief that scientists can also act as humanitarians; the belief that all species, great and small, benefit when we care for the environment; and the belief that great science is fundamentally creative and artistic, and changes the way we see and experience our world.

NEB UK Corporate Donations Programme

NEB UK's charitable donations are disbursed directly to charities proposed by UK employees after the approval of the UK General Manager.

Charities are chosen in line with NEB UK’s Corporate Responsibility Policy and philanthropic focus on educational, environmental, civic and cultural arts efforts.

We have a number of routes for donations through our Corporate Donations Programme:

  • The NEB UK Employee Charity Donation Scheme enables all employees to choose a charity for the company to donate to each year on their behalf.
  • Each year the NEB UK Charity Committee chooses a number of charities to support. Find out which charities we have chosed this year here.
  • Some of our Marketing Promotions highlight the work of a specific charity or the philanthropic or environmental activities of NEB in the UK and globally, with a donation pledged to charity for each purchase of a product in the promotion. Find out which charities we supported through our last promotion here.
  • NEB UK has been a corporate member of the Woodland Trust since 2011. In addition to our annual membership payment we also make a donation each year as a result of our polystyrene shipping box return scheme. Learn more about the NEB Shipping Box Recycling Programme.
  • New England Biolabs has played a role in the establishment of several non-profit organisations and Foundations including Creative Action Institute. Creative Action Institute catalyzes community-driven solutions that advance gender equality and build a sustainable planet. NEB UK makes an annual donation to Creative Action Institute.
  • In lieu of purchasing charity Christmas cards NEB UK produces a digital Christmas card and makes a donation each year to a charity proposed by UK employees.


Sustainability Initiative: NEBees

Find out more in our Social and Environmental Responsibility Booklet.

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