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Molecular Biology Reagents

We have expertise in the manufacture of molecular and cell biology reagents – that is the core business of NEB Inc. NEB (UK) Ltd provides direct access to NEBsolutions, NEB's OEM and Customized Products Division, through locally based members of the Global NEBSolutions Team.  NEBsolutions eases the supply of reagents through all stages of your development from research to commercialization. We are small enough to be agile, responding quickly to your needs, but large enough to ensure reliability and to expand manufacturing scale rapidly. At NEB we are closely connected to our scientists, enabling us to take full advantage of their knowledge to benefit your decision-making process.

Antibodies and Related Reagents

Cell Signaling Technology (CST) has extensive expertise in reagents used for cell signaling research, drug discovery and clinical research, that we also make available to you.
Whatever your requirement, whether nucleic acid or protein, please contact us to discuss your needs.
Our offering is very broad and is driven by your requirements. If you have a requirement different from those listed above, please contact us.

  • custom products
  • custom preps of catalogue products
  • bulk quantities
  • custom formulations (eg different buffer components)
  • custom concentrations
  • custom vialing
  • dual component manufacturing
  • semi-processed products (eg a product pre-digested with an enzyme)

Why choose NEB UK?

Expertise - Both New England Biolabs and Cell Signaling Technology Inc (CST) are global market leading manufacturers in their fields. Both brands are very widely used both in pure research, applied studies and as raw materials in manufacturing/component processes. You will be partnering with the best.

Quality Assurance - New England Biolabs Inc is ISO certified.

Confidentiality - All arrangements with our customers are entirely confidential.

Price - Our very competitive pricing policy means that our offering is often the most attractive value for money option on the market.

Your next step

Whatever your level of interest, or the scale of your project, please contact us:
Phone: 0800 318486
email: bulks.uk@neb.com

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